ndmpcopy - transfer data between filers using NDMP

License: Proprietary
Ndmpcopy transfers data between filers using the Network Data Management
Protocol (NDMP).  When you use rsh to perform this transfer, the data flows
from the source machine to the rsh host and then again from the rsh host to
the destination machine.  This can put a double load on the network and
unneccessary load on the rsh host.  With ndmpcopy, data is transferred directly
from the source machine to the destination machine, and the NDMP host and
network are not burdoned with the extra load.

When you run ndmpcopy it will contact the NDMP server processes on the source
and destination machines and authenticate the connection.
It will then initiate a backup on the source machine and a restore on the
destination machine.  The transfer will happen between the two machines
directly, only burdoning the NDMP host with status messages instead of all of
the backup data.  Initial tests have demonstrated double the performance when
using ndmpcopy instead of rsh.


ndmpcopy-1.2-1.el7.x86_64 [56 KiB] Changelog by Philippe Kueck (2014-03-04):
- initial packaging
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