csv2odf - convert csv data to formatted spreadsheets and documents

License: GPLv3
Convert a csv file to odf, ods, html, xlsx, or docx format.

csv2odf is a command line tool that can convert a comma separated value (csv)
file to an odf, ods, html, xlsx, or docx document that can be viewed in
LibreOffice and other office productivity programs. csv2odf is useful for
creating reports from databases and other data sources that produce csv files.
csv2odf can be combined with cron and shell scripts to automatically generate
business reports.

The output format (fonts, number formatting, etc.) is controlled by a template
file that you design in LibreOffice.


csv2odf-2.05-1.el7.noarch [50 KiB] Changelog by Philippe Kueck (2016-07-08):
- new upstream release
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